Our school strives to continue to provide excellent teaching resources and school facilities. We are increasingly relying on the support of our parents to enable this to continue.

The Burnside Primary School Foundation, established in 2008, is a non profit, incorporated entity and is independently managed by a board. The Board consists of the School’s Principal and up to eight other people (some with financial, legal, business and marketing expertise).

The Foundation, although independent of the school, works collaboratively with the Governing Council, Parents and Friends Committee and the wider community. The Foundation supports the School’s overarching philosophy of educational excellence.

Cultivated by a heightened sense of community spirit and teaching excellence, Burnside Primary School has been delivering education for over 150 years. The Foundation’s purpose is to assist the school to maintain and develop educational excellence, through the provision of funding for vital projects.

Although government funding and school fees provide for the school’s basic operating costs, it is simply not enough. The need for additional facilities and resources to achieve long-term success is constant and the Foundation works behind the scenes to raise extra funds through donations that will provide much needed capital for vital projects including:

  • Purchase of land and buildings;
  • Building alterations;
  • School ground improvements & landscaping;
  • Educational research, projects, scholarships;
  • Funding for additional human resources;
  • Additional resources such as books, art, educational plant and equipment.

To make a donation to our BPS Foundation, please follow the link below….


or email Lydia.Whiteside195@schools.sa.edu.au