Monday, Oct 30 at 08:30 am

Year 5 Bike Education Program

This is a great opportunity for your child’s bike to have a free roadworthiness check by either RAA or Bike SA.
Before the first practical session a safety check of the bicycles of participating students will be checked so that:
•safe bicycles are available from the very start and students have more practical riding time
•families receive information about the roadworthiness of their child’s bike
•the 15 bicycles available for borrowing are allocated to students who don’t own or have access to a bicycle

What you need to do
Make arrangements to bring your child’s bike to school at 7:45am on Monday the 30th October2017.
Leave the bike by the Middle Yard Basketball Courts.
Please note: This is a once only service as patrols and instructors are scheduled elsewhere and cannot return at a later date.

Students who are using their own bike will receive a completed bike safety check card recording the assessment of its roadworthiness.
Read the assessment information on the card and take any necessary action as recommended below.

Recorded Assessment
Action required
Is considered roadworthy
No action required
Can be used but requires minor maintenance
Complete identified repairs before the next session.
Completing repairs now can avoid major and more costly repairs in the future.
Is not roadworthy.

If you are unable to carry out the identified repairs before the next session immediately advise your child’s teacher so that arrangements can be made for a bicycle to be borrowed.

The Way2Gobike safety check is only available to students participating in the Way2GoBike Edprogram.
If you or family members would like to learn how to do a basic bike check watch the Way2Gobike safety checkvideo at

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation and support – Angela Elkin – Way2Go Bike Ed School Coordinator

Dates for the 2017 program are as follows:

  • Monday 30th October
  • Monday 6th November
  • Monday 13th November
  • Monday 20th November
  • Monday 27th November
  • Monday 4th December
  • Monday 11th December