ottageOur school emerged from a rural community with 42 children and one teacher in 1869, to reach the status of a large Reception to Year 7 Primary School with nearly 700 children and 50 staff in 2004.

In subsequent years, enrolments declined and steadied at the 500 mark. Rapid growth has again occurred in recent years with enrolments peaking at 680 in 2003. A zone has been placed around the school and only children within the zone may be enrolled.

The title of “Demonstration School” has been deleted, although teachers retain their close association with the University of South Australia (Magill Campus) teacher training staff.

Despite its size and rapid periods of growth, the school retains the intimate atmosphere of a small school. Some families value their long, unbroken association with the school district, while others form part of the transient population in the community.

The staff at Burnside are experienced, caring and professional and the school has a warm, enthusiastic and productive atmosphere.