Parking in Burnside – Rules That May Surprise You

“As a common courtesy to help increase driver knowledge of parking laws within South Australia, Burnside City Council have provided the brochure (linked) in order to help educate the general population on proper parking practices. It is hoped that the better educated the community becomes with driving practices, we can all help create a safer environment on our streets, particularly around our schools.” ~ Sean Smith – Technical Officer – Burnside City Council

Lockwood Road

“The City of Burnside Rangers have been patrolling Burnside Primary School for parking offences to ensure safety around schools. We have had a problem with vehicles queuing on Lockwood Road as they wait to enter Allen Street to collect their children. The City of Burnside had tried to prevent this problem by installing yellow lines along the western side of Lockwood Road, between High St and Allen St, which has now forced drivers to wait in the middle of the road to avoid this offence”.

“The City of Burnside recently installed traffic islands/ pedestrian crossings in the middle of Lockwood Road, corner of High Street, and vehicles continue to que on Lockwood Road making this impassable for motorists unrelated to the school. As witnessed by Council Rangers this is now forcing drivers to drive on the wrong side of Lockwood Road, which is creating a safety hazard for pedestrians and other motorists”.

“This matter has now been escalated to SAPOL for their assistance as the current queuing is beyond our authority and control”. ~ Troy Martin – Senior Ranger – City of Burnside