Student absences can be sent in School Stream via FORMS/ABSENTEE FORM


Student Attendance is monitored every day through the front office

Parents/Caregivers are requested to notify the school when your child/ren are going to be absent. We require a brief explanation, for absence eg; sickness or family reasons by calling the school on 83317512 (press 1 to leave a message) or email

This information is critical in ensuring all students are accounted for as student safety and well being is a high priority.

Teachers mark their Roll by 9.00am online every morning and the attendance of students is monitored. A school staff member collates the information and you will receive a text phone message if your child is not at school. Please contact the school following this message to notify the school as to a reason for child’s absence.


Students who arrive late to school (after 8.50am)

All students will be required to record their late arrival time in the front office. Students who are late are to go to the front office area and sign in. Leadership staff will regularly check the late arrival book to monitor patterns and work with families. Punctuality is important and along with attendance is recorded in student reports.


Collecting children from school for appointments etc during school times (8.50 – 3.00pm)

Parents/Careproviders are requested to report to the front office, collect an ‘electronic sign out’ permission slip, take the slip to the class teacher/non contact teacher, who will allow the child to leave their class. No student will be allowed to leave the classroom without a permission slip. If a class is not in their usual room, there will be a notice on the door explaining where they can be located or see staff in the front office.


Student Absence of 3 days or more

If your child/ren are going to be absent for 3 days or more, an exemption form must be completed. All exemptions must be principal approved.



Student Absence for SAPSASA District & Knockout Sporting Programs

Please advise the school via the above processes if your child is attending SAPSASA Knockout or SAPSASA District (Alice Lange) Sporting Programs


Attendance and Dismissal Times

 8.30am Yard Supervision Begins
8.50am School Commences
11.00am Start of Recess Break
11.20am End of Recess
12.50pm Eating Lunch
1.00pm Start of Lunch Break
1.40pm End of Lunch
3.10pm End of School Day8.30am
3.30pm End of Yard Supervision
Students at school before 8.30am must be booked into OSHC.